Scientists and medical experts have always stood in awe of the human body’s ability to heal and repair itself. Now, they have recognized that this near-miraculous healing power is a system unto itself…and it’s the number ONE reason behind so-called “miraculous” recoveries. It may be the most important system in your whole body, but – it’s NOT your immune system and it’s NOT confined to any one organ or specific location.

Life-saving power at the cellular level. In essence, your healing system is a vast reservoir of cellular resources and intelligence that helps repair, restore, and even rejuvenate your body and mind. It’s more powerful than heart disease or cancer, arthritis or diabetes. Even more powerful than aging itself.

Now, you can tap into this nearly limitless healing reservoir, with EXTRAORDINARY HEALING. Inside this remarkable medical volume, you’ll learn from healing expert Dr. Art Brownstein, M.D., how to focus the intense curative powers of your body’s built-in healing system on your own ailments and conditions.

Today, 30 years later, she is still totally cancer-free…
Even after undergoing brutal chemotherapy and radiation sessions, Jan was told she had only 6 months to live. But, she refused to give up hope. She decided to enlist the help of her internal healing system (see page 146 of EXTRAORDINARY HEALING) to rid her body of the cancer once and for all. While researching the essential nutrients, she realized that she needed to draw on the power of her mind to focus and strengthen her inner healing system. After only a few months, her vitality and health soared. Today, 30 years later, Jan is totally cancer-free.

If you or someone you love is fighting a tough opponent like cancer, you need to learn how to jump-start the healing system right now. This is NOT some kind of new age quackery – it’s scientific fact and doctor-approved techniques.

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